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AiM Productions is a full-service production company. We provide a range of multimedia and web production services, and conception to duplication of corporate marketing and training videos, educational programs, commercials, public service announcements, documentaries and music videos.

We shoot our video programs with broadcast quality digital high definition and standard definition cameras, and state of the art sound and lighting gear. Our location equipment package includes Canon and Panasonic cameras, Lectrasonics, Sennheiser, Crown, Sony, Shure and EV mics with a Mackey mixer, Lowell and Arri lighting instruments and a variety of grip and support equipment. The location package is always ready to roll on a moment’s notice.

Our video editing suite includes a state-of-the-art computer network, to provide high-speed video, audio and graphics processing power. High definition editing is done in real-time, on Adobe CS5 Suite software. Our 3D graphics work is done with Maya and 3D Studio Max. Compositing and 2D animation is done with Adobe After Effects.

We develop multimedia and web materials using Macromedia’s Dreamweaver and Flash, which is used for web animations as well as some other 2d work. Our toolkit also includes Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and a variety of processing and conversion software for special effects and creating streaming video.

AiM’s principal creative responsibilities are in the hands of Ric Sternberg and Annie Borden. Ric’s been in the business a few years. After graduating from Syracuse University’s television department in 1966, he went to work at NBC in New York, first in news film operations, then film editing. On leaving NBC, he began an odyssey of film and video variations.

Early highlights of Ric’s career:

After all that fire, the scads of corporate, educational and art video jobs that followed were cool by comparison..

In 1976, he came to Austin to work at Austin Community College, producing educational video for use in a dental assistant training program. This was an 18 month contract, funded by the US Public Health Service.

Of course, like so many others who come to Austin, he stayed. While doing freelance video work, he performed for two years in the cast of Esther’s Follies (a topical vaudeville troupe and Austin institution). After his stint with Esther’s, he founded and performed with the Pineapple Players, a children’s theater company, which toured the state and performed locally with funding from the Texas Commission on the Arts and the Austin Arts Commission).

Then came another 18 month job, this time as director of the video department at TN Technologies, a local hi-tech manufacturer.

On leaving TN, in 1982, he formed AiM Productions. Since then, he’s written, produced directed and edited hundreds of programs under the AiM banner. Several of these programs have garnered some awards. See Ric’s resume if you want more details on his background.

Annie’s been with AiM since 1985 and has been our art director since 1986. She has a degree in fine arts from the University of Texas, Austin (1969) and did graduate work in sociology at Kent State University.

After college, Annie’s adventures included living for 3 years in Europe and Asia. She had a 3 month run acting in a Robert Wilson play in Paris and worked, for several months, on a converted fishing vessel which sailed the Mediterranean, chartered by varied international travelers. She also spent about 9 months (in two trips) in India and Nepal, traveling overland to India through Afghanistan to get there.

Back in the States, she began her career as an actress and a fine artist and crafts person. She acted in a number of top-notch productions, collecting a few awards and many accolades for her work

Her emphasis eventually shifted to full time visual artist, selling her paintings and marquetry (pictures made from inlaid wood veneers) in art shows, craft fairs and galleries. Then, in 1985, she discovered animation and hasn’t looked back (though she still says she wants to paint again someday). Animation incorporates both visual and performing arts – acting while you draw. Annie had found her milieu.

Since coming on board at AiM, Annie has produced an abundance of gorgeous graphics and animations for most of our projects. She brings an irrepressible creativity and meticulous craftsmanship to every project.

In ’83 we moved, from our original little studio, into a 2,600 square foot space on McNeil Drive in the heart of Austin’s northern high tech district. In the 16 years we did business there (we moved out in November of ’99), we handled numerous corporate, educational and governmental assignments, with over 100 projects for Texas Instruments and over 50 for IBM alone.

Notable AiM commercial and PSA projects:

Some of our educational video projects include:

Then comes the corporate marketing and training:

Our music video credits include:

No matter what the genre, our job is to meet our clients’ communications needs. To do this, we tap into our enormous experience and bursting-at-the-seams creativity. We incorporate careful planning and fine craftsmanship in molding each project we take on. And we use these skills to find cost-effective communications solutions within a variety of budget ranges. In other words, we make our clients look good.

Don’t shoot without AiM!