Fan Mail

Our business has always relied on happy clients referring and recommending us to others. Over
the years, we've received more than a few letters
of praise.

We invite you to scroll (or link) on down and read our reviews.
You'll find letters from folks representing (in alphabetical order) the Downtown Austin Alliance, DTM Corporation, the Texas Center for Reading & Language Arts (at the University of Texas, Austin), Texas Instruments, and (last but never least) Transitions Unlimited.
Downtown Austin Alliance

"When we met with Ric Sternberg of AiM Produc-tions, we were impressed with his extensive multi-media knowledge.He offered many helpful suggestions to improve our presentation. In a short time, we had a quality video that incorporated still and moving images for maxi-mum effect. We received numerous positive reviews... ...Thanks to Ric and the staff at AiM, the Downtown Austin Alliance was able to provide a quality show that wowed our audience and award winners alike."

-Cilla Temple, Marketing Director & Alice Vargas, Membership Director, Downtown Austin Alliance

DTM Corporation

"As there are many video production companies in the Austin area, I believe there are a number of attributes that set AiM Productions apart from the competition. First and foremost is Ric Sternberg himself. Ric is a unique individual who is able to combine a business sense and technical aptitude with a very humanistic side... These traits have served Ric well and their affects can be seen in everything from innovative technical process descriptions to candid, relaxed customer inter-views... He is always successful at capturing just the right shot or defining moment, and often in situations that most produc-ers would find intolerable."

- Kent Nutt, Marketing Communications Manager, DTM Corporation

The Texas Center for Reading & Language Arts

"AiM Productions also created marvelous graphics and animation to tie the five videotapes together and engage the viewer in the content to follow. Ric's company has the capacity to produce a sophisticated, quality videotape. I highly recommend Ric Sternberg and AiM Productions for videotaping, editing and production of quality videotapes. They are the best!"

- Susan Strecker, Ph.D., (currently) Professor of Reading Education, Southwest Texas State University

Texas Instruments

"As usual, the combination of your personal leadership and the creativity of your staff resulted in an excellent end product... Your commit-ment to quality and willing-ness to go the extra mile for the best possible results, are characteristics I haven't often found among vendors during 15 years experience in the computer industry."

- Les Wyatt, Director of strategic Marketing, Computer Systems and services, Texas Instruments

Transitions Unlimited

"...our new industry-specific training program is getting rave reviews. Clients fre-quently comment on the quality of the production, the 'real-ness' of the talent and the polished image of the sets... While our clients appreciate the final product, we appreciate the remarkable effort you made at every juncture to ensure a successful outcome... We appreciate your creativity in word and visuals to translate concepts into high impact scenes... Thanks again for a superb effort and product."

- Lynn Sellers, M.Ed., & Henry Morrow, Ed.D., Partners, Transitions Unlimited