The People of AiM
People produce. Not hardware, not software, people. And we are nothing,
if not people (some of us anyway).
  "Television is more interesting than people. If it were not, we should have people standing in the corners of our rooms."  
  - Alan Coren (1938 - 2007)
Ric Sternberg
Writer, producer, director, author, editor... a man with many hats, unbridled creativity and over 30 years of experience. Shot at Woodstock
(The Woodstock!). His work makes your projects sing.
Picture of Ric at the editing workstation
Picture of the lovely and talented Annie at the 3D workstation

Annie Borden
Graphic artist, 2D & 3D animator par excellance, painter, designer, actress with a mouse for over 15 years. Puts the artist's touch on whatever she gets near. Color & style - her game.


Corporate cat. Responsible for keeping all birds, bugs, rodents
and lizards off the porch. Loves
his work.

Picture of Sawyer relaxing on top of his workstation


Picture of Ric on the camera crane at Woodstock

Yes, it's the Woodstock Festival.

Yes, that's young Ric sittin' up there on the camera crane.

No, we don't know the ecstatic, screaming girl under the camera.

Picture of Annie in an Air Masters spot
Annie flexes her acting muscles in this 30 second humorous commercial we produced for Air Masters, an air conditioning company.