The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Our output has traditionally concentrated on four flavors of pudding - marketing, training, education and spots. Need we mention that we're proud of our work? Here are brief descriptions of a few of our projects. Scroll (or click) on down and check them out. Then, click on the pix to see
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Frame from IPC "Cycle" videowall
Frame from "Maximicer" 3D animation
Frame from "Streetcar Named DOS Ire"
3 minute, corporate music video-wall for IPC Technologies' Comdex show booth. Purposes: display the Harley being given away; create an association between the Harley and the quality of IPC's products. Success! 17,000 people signed up to win the motorcycle; video won an IABC Best of Austin Award of Merit. 5 minute video for Maximicer to promote their invention, which makes ice machines more efficient. We used sophisticated 3D anima-tion to illustrate the internal workings of the device. Runs continuously at point of purchase at hundreds of distributorships. National Finalist in Vision Awards, Non-Broadcast, Sales. 4 minute video, "A Street-car Named DOS Ire", one of 3 movie parodies we produced for a Texas Instruments trade show booth. Purpose: entertain attendees while revealing key points about TI's computer systems. Success! Drew thousands of people into the booth. Created a huge buzz at the show
Frame from "E and O Loss Control"
Frame from "TI Roadshow"
Frame from "New Megabasics"
148 minute, 6 part video "E&O Loss Control", for Independent Insurance Agents of Texas. A continuing education program aimed at helping insur-ance professionals avoid law suits. Uses dramatizations of potentially sticky situations. This nationally distributed program entitles users to discounts on their E&O insurance policies. (Sorry,this video is temporarily unavailable) Among the 60+ projects we've done for Texas Instruments was this 21 minute show, which informed sales people and VARs about TI's market research in mobile computing, and introduced mobile product offerings. The man in the picture is actually in a "virtual set", a 3D environment we created and composited him into. For Transitions Unlimited, we produced "The New Megabasics", a 154 minute, 4 part training video series for the staffing industry. This highly successful program makes extensive use of simulations and discussions to demonstrate and explain proven techniques for communications with clients and staff.
Frame from "Gun Safe"
Frame from "The Visitor"
Frame from "Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills..."
"Gun Safe" is a 12 minute program, produced in collaboration with the Magic Hotline for the Firearm Safety Coalition. Its purpose is educating and inspiring the public to keep guns out of the hands of children. The show uses magic, testimonials and animation to make its points. Funded by the Texas Nurses Foundation. "The Visitor" was done in conjunction with the Sierra Club, with funding from the US EPA. It's a 25 minute show about an old man who lives in the year 2050 in a very polluted Texas. He communicates conservation concepts to people in the 20th century through their TV sets, changing the future. Selected by the EPA as one of their "Model Projects" for that year. For the Texas Center for Reading & Language Arts, at the University of Texas, we produced "The Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills in English Language Arts & Reading", a series of 5 videos and a CD ROM, used to train K-12 teach-ers, across Texas, in techniques for teaching literacy. National Finalist in the Vision Awards, Non-Broadcast Educa-tional category.
Frame from "Hi5"
Frame from "It's for You"
Frame from PRS "Adoption" PSA
30 second spot for a board game, Hi5, pro-duced with the Kamen-Kaiser Agency. This spot displayed some real visual pyrotechnics, integrating live action into computer generated 3D sets, mixing black & white and color, slow motion and sped-up action in the same scenes. National Finalist in the Vision Awards, "Best Spot that Never Aired" category. This 30 second spot, "It's for You" was one of several humorous commercials we produced for Norwalk, The Sofa & Chair Company. The free-wheeling, Steadycam shot spot featured the late, great Margaret Wiley, of Austin's Esther's Follies comedy troupe, roaming the store and making outrageous comments about its contents.. We produced this 30 second, Spanish language public service announcement for the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, as part of a campaign which also included a 12 minute promotional and inspirational video. The campaign's purpose was to encourage Hispanic families to adopt and take in foster children
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